DHR Releases Hidden Canyon and Buckshot Bundles

I reckon it's been a long time comin', but the Dog House Gang has finally released Buckshots: Hidden Canyon.

This new adventure is available in both Branded for Recoiled and Savaged versions--as well as a special bundle where you can get both versions for just ten extra bits.

And that ain't all. We're also offering new bundles for the three Buckshots products. That's right, you can get the Buckshots: Triple-Barreled bundle for Sidewinder: Recoiled or for Savage Worlds with all three adventures in one kit and kaboodle, for a reduced rate.

The Dog House gang would be obliged ifn you took a gander at our new adventure, and our newly bundled offerings.

Buckshots: Hidden Canyon $6.75

(Savaged) Buckshots: Hidden Canyon $6.75

Buckshots (Crossover): Hidden Canyon $8.00 (both versions; see purchase links below)

Buckshots: Triple-Barreled $15.75

(Savaged) Buckshots: Triple-Barreled $15.75


Sidewinder: Recoiled Product Preview | Savage Worlds Product Preview

Purchase the Hidden Canyon Crossover Bundle at e23 | at Paizo | at YGN

Happy New Year 2011
News from the WaterholeJust wanted to wish all our pards a happy new year. And to apologize for the delay in releasin' Hidden Canyon.

Suffice to say, we're just as slow as chilled molasses, sometimes, and leave it at that. The product is done except for the battlemat maps that the Dog House Gang prefers to include with our Buckshots products. I'm thinkin' on releasin' the product without those battlemat versions, ifn' push comes to shove ('course, regular sized maps would be included). But I reckon a little more time ain't gonna be a matter of life and death, so I'm holdin' out, for now.

Thanks for your patience and I hope you won't hold our backslidin' ways against us. Hidden Canyon won't be hidin' forever, I promise you that much.

Hidden Canyon - It Ain't a Myth
News from the WaterholeI reckon this is the longest project I ever undertook. Buckshots: Hidden Canyon is almost done, pards. I can testify that it ain't a myth no matter what you might have heard.

Both the Branded for Recoiled and the Savage Worlds versions are complete. We just have to prepare the battlemat versions of the maps, package all the parts and make this here doggie available for sale. Meanwhile, here's how I like to describe this wild west adventure:

Brave the unexplored canyon. Track the low-down villains that kidnapped the rancher’s
daughter. Overcome obstacles and rough terrain. Rescue the young lady.
A traditional western adventure for cowpokes ready to prove themselves on the frontier.

I'd take it as a kindness if you'd call on us in a fortnight or two. Thanks, pard.

Update on Hidden Canyon
News from the WaterholeI promised an update on the Hidden Canyon progress, so here it is:

We have completed the layout for the OGL version of the product. That doggie is roped and tied.

The SWEX version is still underway. As I've said a time or two, the Dog House Gang usually moseys, rather than runs, so I can't say exactly when we'll wrap up the SWEX version. But I reckon it ain't far off, 'cause it's all written, we just need to finish the layout.

Now, we want to release both at the same time and we're planning to tie up a bundle that contains both versions, at what we hope is a temptin' price. So I'll ask our loyal pards to bear with us a little longer.

Dog Days Update
News from the WaterholeNow that the Dog Days of Summer Sale is over, figured I'd should say thank you to our pards--new and old--who took advantage of one of our special deals. And I owe you an update on the Hidden Canyon adventure.

We're still working on the full layout. Just recently, that Keesler feller went to that there "revival" meetin' called "GenCon." When he's fully recovered, I hope we'll be able to wrap up both the OGL and Savage Worlds versions of Buckshots: Hidden Canyon.

Stop by again, I'll have another update before the next full moon rises.

Dog Days of Summer Sale
News from the WaterholeThe Dog House Gang knows that the summer heat can test a man's mettle. But even the worst of these here dog days ain't stoppin' us from pushing forward to release the new Buckshots: Hidden Canyon adventure. Ain't far off, now, I reckon.

In the meantime, we're puttin’ several products on sale, to encourage folks to try some Wild West role playing, or to give you a low-cost way to re-supply for your continued western action. We have several products at discounts ranging from 35% to 80% off the regular price. This Dog Days of Summer Sale runs from 7/23/10 through 8/9/10.

Sidewinder: Recoiled, 50% off, $8.25
Frontier Towns: Fort Griffin Trilogy, 35% off, $9.75
Fort Griffin Echo: Vol 1 Number 2, 50% off, $3.35
(Savaged) Buckshots: Johnny Comes Marching Home, 50% off, $3.35
Buckshots: Johnny Comes Marching Home, 50% off, $3.35
(Savaged) Buckshots: For Whom the Bugle Blows, 50% off, $3.35
Buckshots: For Whom the Bugle Blows, 50% off, $3.35
(Savaged) Quick Quests: Eggscellent Opportunity, 80% off, $1.00
Quick Quests: Eggscellent Opportunity, 80% off, $1.00


P.S. Just visit any of our vendor pards using the links below, to take advantage of these sale prices, starting Firday, July 23rd, 2010.

Purchase @ Paizo | Purchase @ e23 | Purchase @ YGN

Just in from the Trail
News from the WaterholeHey Pards, sorry we ain't posted any missives in a few moons. I reckon I owe you an update on the Dog House Gang's activities.

As I write this, that Silent Keesler feller is in the process of the final layout for Buckshots: Hidden Canyon. Now, I can't say when we'll get this doggie wrangled--as usual, we ain't willin' to make any promises on a release date--but I'll say this much: I'll bet my reputation (such as it is) that you'll take a shine to it when it's done.

Also, Hidden Canyon will be our first product to release in both OGL and Savage Worlds versions at the same time. We designed the adventure with both games in mind.

DHR Releases 2nd Savaged Wild West Adventure

The Dog House Gang is right pleased to announce the release of the Savaged version of Buckshots: For Whom the Bugle Blows. With statistics for the Savage Worlds system, this mini-adventure poses a challenge for seasoned to veteran characters. It can also do a bang-up job as a one-time fandango.

While makin’ their way across the Texas plains, our intrepid heroes turn up traces of Comanche war parties. Hardly a happy finding, but durned intriguing. What’s more, they also hit upon hints of the U.S. Cavalry in the vicinity. ‘Pears as if the Cavalry and the Comanche are playin’ a game of cat and mouse—and the heroes have wandered into a powerfully volatile situation.

This 36-page product features four boss scenes, maps and combat sheets for all the Wildcards and Extras as well as full character sheets and original artwork for six crucial cowpokes. Throw in a new Edge, battlemats and some western spice it's time to mount up for a journey on the Texas plains.


P.S. I’ll invite you to take a gander at the Savaged Bugle preview or visit one of our vendor pards.

Product Preview | Purchase @ Paizo | Purchase @ e23 | Purchase @ YGN

DHR Bundles the Frontier Towns Trilogy
Branded for Recoiled

The Dog House Gang has released a new bundle with all three volumes of the ENnie-nominated FRONTIER TOWNS: FORT GRIFFIN, at a special price.

The FORT GRIFFIN TRILOGY combines all three popular volumes into one purchase, givin’ a Judge a well-stocked town of 17 fully-described establishments, with more than 90 fully-described NPCs (including historical figures such as Doc Holliday, John Henry Selman and "Big Nose" Kate) and a total of 115 adventure hooks.

It’s a perfect setting for a Judge lookin’ to start a Wild West game. Fort Griffin can serve as a base of operations, or an interestin’ refuge for cowpokes traveling on the frontier. The trilogy comes with statistics for Sidewinder: Recoiled, but the more than 170 pages are packed with content suitable for any Western game.


P.S. I reckon I forgot to mention that the FORT GRIFFIN TRILOGY sells for $15.75.

Product Preview | Purchase @ Paizo | Purchase @ e23 | Purchase @ YGN

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